My design

Last friday we had an evaluationround on the concepts for Ove’s spyder. He choose 6 exterior concepts and 3 interior. Theese will be taped on a wall in actual size and be tweeked so it fits proportionally and with the correct measurements. He will then choose the one he likes so we can proceed with clay! I am one of the choosen one with my concept:)

My thougts on a spyder/Roadster for Ove Bengtsson, circles around an idea of a clean and simple design that stands out. I want to use the images chosen by Ove and see simularities in them and pull the essentials into the final design. From my perspective, that means a clear and distinct overall shape with a technical, engeneering meaning underneeth.

For the exterior I want to use few lines to define the overall design. Same for the interior, but I am also thinking long lasting, sustainible matherials and a simle and logic layout. Ove likes weekend getaways and camping, so I want to include some kind of a small storage/boot as well.

My design

2 thoughts on “My design

  1. Asgeir says:

    Frekke skisser! Begynner å bli dreven ser jeg. Fortsetter du slik, blir jeg vel nødt til å kjøpe en av bilene dine en gang…og det blir nok dyrt:D

    Keep up the good work!!

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